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January 2020: SCHADE and Russia Project

We get in January 2020 new translations projects from our German customer Schade Lagertechnik GmbH. This is our new customer. As usual, we translate from German and English.

SCHADE and Russia

Our customer SCHADE supplies two Triple Wagon Unloading Lines to Taman Seaport, Russia. Taman Seaport has been extended in recent years by the Russian company OTEKO-Portservice to become the second largest freight handling port in the southern part of the country.

Our agency translates for them during the several weeks the technical documentation including drawings, manuals and software localization. The translations pairs are German-Russian and English-Russian.

The Unloading System supplied by SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH consists of two Wagon Tipplers which operate in parallel, each unloading the coal from three wagons in one single tipping operation. The two currently commissioned C-Frame Wagon Tipplers each empty three wagons of coal at the same time, giving a discharge capacity of 60 wagons per hour per line.

Next projects come soon

The contract value runs into several tens of millions of Euros and also includes four Semi-Portal Reclaimers with rail spans of 42.5 m to handle fertiliser and sulphur in storage halls, as well as five Wagon Unloading Systems, two of which are C-Frame Wagon Tipplers, for coal and iron ore, and a further Pivot Frame Wagon Tippler to handle sulphur.

Our English translators have to study all these technical details before the start of the translation job. And we should be ready for the next jobs in the next monthes, says Schade.