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Languages of the CIS countries

Where is which language used in the CIS countries? We often hear this question from our European clients. Even though the organisation itself hardly functions any more, it is understood to mean the countries of the former USSR. Above all, it concerns the translation from German and English of technical documentation for machines and plants.

Languages of technical documentation in the CIS countries

This unofficial table is based on our personal experience since 2001 and shows in which country technical documentation is read with pleasure. It does not show any official languages of these states, but only the fact which translations in which languages we have delivered during these years. Nevertheless, we recommend that you first ask the end customer which language he prefers.

Armenia  Armenian and Russian
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani and Russian
Belarus  Russian, very little Belarusian
Estonia  Estonian only
Georgia  Georgian only
Kazakhstan  Kazakh and Russian
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz and Russian
Latvia  Latvian only
Lithuania  Lithuanian only
Moldova Moldovan and Russian
Russia Russian
Tajikistan  Tajik and Russian
Turkmenistan  Turkmen and Russian
Ukraine Ukrainian and Russian
Uzbekistan  Uzbek and Russian

Update Ukrainian May 2022

No one knows what the language situation will soon be in Ukraine. From our experience, it has never been a problem for end customers in Ukraine whether the documentation was delivered in Ukrainian (the official language) or Russian (the second mother tongue for many Ukrainians).