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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Translations into other languages

In addition to translations from German and English into Russian, we offer translations in other language combinations. We do not offer translations into all languages of the world, but only into the most common ones. The subject of translation remains traditional: technology, medicine, legal translation.

Language pairs

Language pair
Word price, €
German-Chinese   0.13
English-Chinese   0.13
German-French   0.11
English-French   0.11
German-English   0.12
English-German   0.13
German-Polish   0.10
English-Polish   0.10
German-Czech   0.10
English-Czech   0.10
German-Hungarian   0.11
English-Hungarian   0.11
German-Romanian   0.11
English-Romanian   0.11
German-Croatian   0.11
English-Croatian   0.11
German-Slovak   0.10
English-Slovak   0.10
German-Latvian   0.12
English-Latvian   0.12
German-Lithuanian   0.12
English-Lithuanian   0.12
German-Estonian   0.13
English-Estonian   0.13
German-Turkish   0.11
English-Turkish   0.10
German-Ukrainian   0.11
English-Ukrainian   0.11

Other languages

We offer still more translations in other language pairs. Please ask us, if you do not find your language or language pair in this list. The list of languages is constantly expanding.

Translation and layouting

We offer the same services for all the named languages as when working with Russian. These are translations, layout, editing, work with terminology. Interpreting services are not offered yet.