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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Translation Chinese, English, Spanish, Ukrainian

As a professional translation agency with its head office in Wuppertal, Ruscom has been providing our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with high-quality technical, legal and medical translations since 1995. We translate into the most important languages in the world: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Greek, Kazakh and others.

As of March 2022, we are very busy with translations into Ukrainian concerning the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, such as leaflets and brochures from various German cities and authorities (no certificates!).

Ruscom carries out translations in accordance with the current DIN EN ISO standard 17100:2016-05 (registration number 7U433). This means that the quality of our translations meets the strictest international standards and that you as a customer can trust this. Our own quality control is even stricter.

In addition to technical translations for industry in many programmes such as AutoCAD, InDesign, Framemaker, which are the main focus, we translate business, medical and legal texts (especially contracts). Our work covers all the main technical and economic fields.

Examples of our translation projects (German part of the website) from the last year show you what we can translate and where our strengths are.

We translate into these languages

Bulgarian  from 0.11 € / Word
Chinese from 0.13 € / Word
English from 0.12 € / Word
French from 0.11 € / Word
German from 0.11 € / Word
Italian from 0.11 € / Word
Japanese from 0.15 € / Word
Kazakh from 0,14 € / Word
Korean from 0,17 € / Word
Croatian from 0.11 € / Word
Latvian from 0.12 € / Word
Lithuanian from 0.12 € / Word
Dutch  from 0.13 € / Word
Polish from 0.11 € / Word
Portuguese  from 0.12 € / Word
Romanian  from 0.11 € / Word
Russian from 0.09 € / Word
Slovak from 0.10 € / Word
Spanish from 0.12 € / Word
Czech  from 0.11 € / Word
Ukrainian  from 0.11 € / Word
Hungarian from 0.12 € / Word

Is your language not listed? Ask us.

Technical and legal translations since 1995 

Ruscom is one of the oldest translation agencies in Germany. Founded at the time when the first European companies discovered the huge Russian market, we remain an important link between the Russian and European economies. We also translate for Russian speakers in Germany on behalf of German consumer centres, banks and employment agencies.

Most orders are handled by our full-time translators. Each of them specialises in technical or legal translations. Teamwork is also important when working on large projects. Only when necessary do we call in individual certified freelancers with specialisation in one or another field, when dealing with complicated subjects such as chemistry, architecture or medicine, or special translations such as healthy nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. The core of Ruscom remains a technical translation agency with a trend towards translating digital content.

Since 2001, we not only translate into Russian, but also offer technical, medical and legal translations in many other language combinations, as described above.

This is what our translation agency offers:

- All translations are proofread at no extra charge
- Execution according to DIN EN ISO standard 17100:2016-05
- The use of modern SDL Trados tools: Studio 2019 and 2021
- The use of other CAT tools: Across 7.0 and memoQ
- Software localisation Russian and other languages
- Excellent references - and this is the best recommendation
- Special fields such as medical technology, robotics, etc.
- Lean structures, thus low costs
- Flexibility, adherence to schedules and absolute reliability
- High capacity, up to 20,000 words per day and language
- Translation of YouTube videos of trainings of any kind
- Translations on the subject of new technnologies
- Translation of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations
- Translation of Apple Keynote presentations
- MTPE translations
- Translations TEP procedures
- Professional translation of online shops

Prices for Russian and Ukrainian translations

We do not hide our prices behind the request, you can calculate the cost of your translation yourself quickly and easily.

Prices for translation German - Russian: 0.10 Euro/word
Prices for translation English - Russian: 0.09 Euro/word
Prices for translation German - Ukrainian: 0.11 Euro/word
Prices for translation English - Ukrainian: 0.10 Euro/word

Prices for other language combinations of countries from Europe and Asia can be found in our price list.

The most important from 2021

- Even more specialist areas such as medical technology and pharmaceuticals
- Complaints: not a single one
- New customers from Germany, Austria, China
- Many small and large orders for Chinese
- Proofreading of foreign translations as a new line of business
German-English translations increased significantly