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Translators and management

From May 1995 until the beginning of 2017, the translation agency was managed by Mr Alexandre Nefedov alone - a specialist translator of German-Russian and English-Russian (Moscow Linguistic University and Humboldt University in Berlin), a qualified foreign trade merchant and a member of the BDÜ. Since 2005, the office has also employed several project managers, who have also managed individual projects. This is still the case today. There is a separation according to languages and specialist areas. 

Work in Germany

Back to Alexandre Nefedov. I worked in Germany as a translator since 1992, first at Heitmann GmbH in Wuppertal (now taken over by a world-renowned translation company Lionbridge), later I learned project management in a Cologne company, where I worked on projects for Intel, Microsoft Press, Symantec, Cisco Systems and other companies. My tasks during these times included administration, translation, DTP jobs, proofreading, working as a graphic designer, software localisation and project management.

I am the author of two dictionaries - a dictionary of computer technology (integrated as an online version with several Russian and German providers) and a dictionary for children "Dein bunttes Wörterbuch Deutsch-Russisch". The children's dictionary is still available in stores today.

Our team today

Today we are still a relatively small and flexible team (15 translators, 4 project managers and 4 proofreaders) of graduate translators, graduates of the best universities in Russia and Germany. Each translator can take on the role of project manager if necessary and each project manager is also a translator. 

Since December 2013, we have even more capacity and more possibilities thanks to mergers with other colleagues in Moscow. We have also added new specialist Russian translators such as medical specialists, chemists and architects.

New management as of April 2017

As of April 2017, Mr. Maximilian Nefedov has taken over the management of the Ruscom agency (two mother tongues - German and Russian, confident English). He is also the owner of the translation agency and its project manager. He answers enquiries, prepares quotations, supervises ongoing projects and remains an important interface between the translators and the clients. 

Alexandre Nefedov always remains in the background as a consultant, especially for technical translations. He also continues to look after some of old clients. Thus we form a medium-sized family business.

Advantages of a family business

Experts know: Family businesses often have decisive advantages, whether they are large or small.

It is a fact that the profitability of large family-run companies, where family members are in the management, is higher than that of manager-run companies.

But our own experience shows that a family business in the translator industry has what manager-led companies do not have.

1) High flexibility, which is so important in the daily business. We work 12 hours a day and more if necessary, if ongoing projects require it.
2) Greater willingness to bridge unfavourable order situations. We can always do without our own profit to protect our employees. 

Update June 2022

As of 01.07.2022, Mr Alexandre Nefedov will once again take over the management of the translation agency alone. Maximilian will return to what he studied: economics. Otherwise, everything will remain the same: the same services, prices and language combinations. Ruscom: translations for Europe and Asia.