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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Specialisation in translations

We are proud to have a team in which each translator is responsible for their area of expertise. This distinguishes us from many other translators and ensures that even complicated specialist texts from various fields are properly translated into Russian or from Russian.

Our translators 

Just as a doctor can not be an architect or a mechanical engineer at the same time, a translator can not translate both medical reports and manuals for extrusion equipment. They may be able to specialise in two fields, but hardly ever any more.

That is why we employ several translators, each of whom must have in-depth knowledge of one or more related areas. We never just look for a freelance translator in our pool to deliver the translation as fast as possible. We prefer to negotiate with the customer about the delay in the delivery time.

Additional study

Most of the time, such specialisation is achieved through additional studies in another field, alongside foreign languages, or through years of employment in one or another subject area, inter alia by interpreting construction plans, on construction sites, or in assembling facilities where one has a rare opportunity. to talk to both parties about details at the same time.

In recent years, we have done translations in very specialised areas such as nuclear power plants, aircraft simulators, medical technology, mining technology.