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SDL Trados Studio 2019

References Ruscom Agency

See our translations references ot the German part of the website. On this page you can see our projects from the previous year. We can give you detailed information on each project.

Our greatest projects 

This is a part of our projects. You see the names of the translated documents in the original langauge. Most of the original titles are in German. This is logical. Almost all of our clients are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For example:

- Car batteries website
- Inline Barcode Verifier product brochure
- Operating instructions for reusable glass filling system
- Operation manual Hydraulic power pack
- Operation manual Pile top drill rig
- Operating instructions for power distribution systems
- Operating instructions for roadheaders
- Operating instructions for mining control unit
- Operating instructions for the ultrasonic testing system
- Operating instructions for automatic picking machines
- Manual industrial inspection solutions
- Compressor manuals
- System description control cabinet
- Operating instructions switch cabinet compressor control
- User and Maintenance Manual radiation monitor for spectroscopy
- Technical information battery manufacturer
- Operating instructions gamma spectrometer
- Software localization of grinding machines
- Operating instructions for hobbing machines
- Operating instructions for worm milling machine
- Printer Console Remote Management Software
- Operating instructions for 5-axis machining centers
- Operating instructions for high pressure compressors
- Operating instructions for reusable glass filling system
- Operating instructions controller
- Operating instructions for the dosing device
- Belt conveyor operating instructions
- Operating instructions can filling machine
- Operating instructions Can filling machine
- Product data sheet
- Market research consumer behavior
- Financial documents biogas plant
- Cosmetic products questionnaires
- Chemical company purchase agreements
- Printer interactive touch panel software
- Business correspondence pig farms
- Product brochures for pig farms
- Loading device operating instructions
- Operating instructions roller guide station
- Concept clinical research center
- Project documentation medical research center
- Operation manual Hydraulic power pack
- Operation manual Pile top drill rig
- GOST standards preservation of cultural heritage sites
- Operating instructions hydraulic unit
- Operation and Maintenance Manual Hydraulic Torque Wrench
- Operating instructions for the electrolytic belt cleaning system
- Documentation of occupational safety
- Operating instructions for adhesive application systems
- Product brochures for chemical products
- Annual accounts of the energy company
- Operating instructions extrusion line
- Tool clamp catalog
- Technical Specifications Solar Power Station
- Product data sheets for anti-corrosion agents
- Operating instructions for bevel gear milling machines
- General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery
- Brochures real estate advice
- Operating instructions conveyor belt
- Operating instructions for filter systems
- Audit reports
- Instructions for use, care products
- Care product package insert
- Safety data sheets additives
- Operator Manuals Proton Therapy Systems
- Maintenance Instructions Proton Therapy Systems
- Operating instructions for multisensor measuring devices
- Cooperation agreements between church organizations
- Operating instructions for straight-way valves
- Safety data sheets for rheological additives
- Safety data sheets organic acids

The latest projects 

You can see our current and just completed translations under Projects on the right side of the site. As a rule, these are only short descriptions. For more information about Ruscom agency, contact us via EMail or phone.