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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Romanian translation

Among translations into Romanian, technical documents and software localisation are particularly in demand in our translation agency. Most projects are translations in the plant and mechanical engineering sector. Romania is not only an important sales market in Eastern Europe, but also an important location for the branches of Western European companies, including those from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Production from Romanian plants meets the demand of furniture companies in other Eastern European countries for chipboard and other products from our customers.

Translations by native speakers only

Translations into Romanian are carried out by our Romanian native speakers, graduate translators and experienced professionals. We translate both German-Romanian and English-Romanian for our customers. All translators are carefully selected and tested, as translations on such complicated subjects require additional technical knowledge.

Among our biggest projects for Romanian end customers are translations of the complete technical documentation of drying plants and burners of energy plants including software localisation, translation of all drawings and signs, translations in other specialised fields such as mechanical engineering, electronics, woodworking.

Processing of complete projects

Apart from technical documentation, our recent projects include translations of various export documents for German companies, translations of advertising leaflets, product brochures, training materials, sales contracts, supply contracts, employment contracts.

All translations, especially technical and legal, are usually carried out using CAT tools, primarily SDL Trados, currently in the 2019 and 2021 versions. Without CAT tools, no technical translations are conceivable today. They save the client money and make it easier for the translator to find suitable technical terms from their own previous translations. In this way, they ensure consistency, without which any technical translation would lose a great deal of its quality. After all, there is nothing worse for the end customer if a term is translated differently in different chapters of a technical documentation on a plant or machine.

We also translate for you

- operating manuals
- spare parts lists
- installation instructions
- repair instructions
- training material
- safety certificates
- parts lists
- certificates
- drawings 

Print-ready documents in Romanian

All documents translated into Romanian that go to print or are intended for online publication are edited by our DTP specialists. We can format both our translations and the client's own translation beautifully and professionally. Our DTP department works with all the most important programmes for modern technical documentation: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, QuarkXPress. Either our translators or the DTP specialists also handle the editing of drawings in AutoCAD.

Romanian software localisation

Orders for Romanian software localisation are also becoming more and more frequent in our translation agency: Translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Romanian. Industrial software translation is often a component of many translation jobs anyway.

The translation or localisation of online shops is also part of this.

We only offer translations for business customers

Important for all customers: we only carry out pure B2B translations into and from Romanian, i.e. for business customers from the economy. We do not provide translations for private individuals, in particular certified translations from Romanian, valid for Germany, of school certificates, diplomas, driving licences, birth certificates, passports. Please contact our colleagues who specialise in this field.

For prices of translations into Romanian, see our price list.