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June 2022: Translations for Kazakhstan

In June 2022, translations into Russian return at Ruscom for projects in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We are translating several instruction manuals for various pumps, extruders as well as compressors. Translations for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are still in Russian for our European customers. How much longer?

Technical translations for Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan

Why Russian and not just Kazakh or just Uzbek? The explanation is relatively simple. For anyone who knows the history of the Soviet Union, nothing new. Firstly, many engineers at the end customers in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan still belong to the old school, having studied in the USSR and in the Russian language.

Secondly, not all documentation can yet be neatly translated into Kazakh or Uzbek, because the technical terminology has not yet been established for each field, and this takes time.

Thirdly, translations into Russian remain cheaper than into the official languages of the CIS states. This also applies to our price list.

Despite the fact that there is a lot to be said for translations into Russian, our translation agency is able to carry out the translation of any technical documentation and other texts, such as correspondence, presentations, contracts, etc., into the Kazakh and Uzbek languages as well. As with other languages, we translate equally well from German and English - the two most important languages of technology and business.

Translations for Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

This also applies to translations for Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, where the situation is the same or similar. We also carry out translation projects for projects in these countries in Russian as well as in Azerbaijani and Turkmen. We will be happy to advise you prior to any assignment, without obligation and free of charge. Simply send us an email or give us a call.