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February 2022: Translations online shops

Translation agency Ruscom translates a lot of paper documentation (admittedly, it's more PDF files than real paper documents), but the trend towards more online projects has been there for years and we're keeping up. More and more information is being processed and translated digitally.

Translations online shops

Among other things, online shops are selling more and more worldwide, and that's where our translation service gets involved. Of course, not as a seller, but as a supplier of translations into different languages. Our translations of online shops can be found in many countries: Poland, Croatia, Russia, Lithuania, Italy.

Online shops in English, French and Chinese

Our translation agency operates worldwide, we handle the translation projects of various clients from China to the USA, and, of course, clients from all European countries included. Due to the acquisition of new clients, our translation projects do not only include technical products, they tend to be manufactured and delivered by the piece, but also household goods, clothing or cosmetics. We deliver the corresponding descriptions in February 2022 in many languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese.