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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Creative Russian translations

At our translation office, we also like creative work. This includes translations into Russian of marketing texts, presentations, advertising brochures, product brochures on various topics: travel, theatre, cinema, modern living, fashion, sports, fitness, nutrition, health, style, leisure, education and more. In most cases, these are translation from German and English.

What is the difference

Unlike technical documents, creative translations into Russian do not require precision, but the ability of our translators to express in Russian what is expressed in the source text: Emotions, meaning, puns. That's why we translate such texts several times until the right variant is found.

What our customers like about us: not only can we translate, we deliver print-ready files in the following programs: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker and QuarkXPress, which most advertising agencies use. This is supported by modern CAT tools that translate various formats without loss after conversion to their own format.

Only when required do we hand over more complicated DTP assignments to our external service provider, who takes care of such assignments professionally. You can find some examples of our and their work here.

Our language pairs

We do not only handle creative translations into Russian from our main working languages German and English, but also from Italian and French - the languages of fashion and creativity.

Any creative translation will need to be proofread by one of our editors to avoid typos and to perhaps offer a better version of the translation. 

Among our largest projects in creative translations are such assignments as a picture dictionary Russian-German, the translation of game instructions into German, numerous advertising brochures and information brochures.

In addition to Russian, we also translate creative texts into other Eastern and Western European languages.