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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Translations German-Russian

Our office offers translations in German-Russian for all areas and in all common formats. Over 20 years of experience, millions of translated words and our satisfied customers speak for themselves. Even if we have offered significantly more translations in other language pairs in recent years, German-Russian translations remain the most important language direction in our translation agency.

German-Russian translator

Regardless of the format of your texts - we process all file formats: AutoCAD drawings, InDesign. Framemaker, QuarkXPress, and we do that professionally thanks to the CAT tools. Post-processing is carried out by our own DTP specialists. Each translation is ready for printing and can be printed immediately. Recently, however, more and more translated documents have been put online. Of course, we also offer translations in the appropriate formats, whether PDF, XML or HTML.

Employees in our "German" department are without exception qualified interpreters, Russian native speakers, some grew up bilingual with German and Russian and have worked as translators for at least 10 years. The selection of employees has always been very strict for us, our team has remained unchanged for years. Because we have put together the experts who are not only professional, but also mentally compatible.

The boss Maximilian Nefedov, his deputy Alexandre Nefedov, responsible for individual technical translations, or your project manager will process your inquiries. This project manager will then remain your contact for all questions, even years after the translation has been completed.

New customers get a "personal" translator from us, even if they would never get to know him personally, who will take care of your translation or translations, all corrections and updates of your documentation in the future.

It goes without saying that your German-Russian translations and the databases we have created are archived reliably and professionally by us. Even if you lose the translated documentation, we always have it in our archive.

Every German-Russian translation is checked

Every translation in our translation agency is proofread by an editor, and this is done at no extra charge. Some documents, e.g. printed or published on the website are also read by a third person - the project manager or the boss himself.

Every translator into Russian in our translation agency can safely handle many CAT tools, but at least SDL Trados (current versions 2019 and 2021), many of which also use modern versions of memoQ and Across.

Subject of our translations

What is remarkable about our German-Russian translations is the fact that we have hardly carried out "normal" translations such as letters or product catalogs in all these years.

Almost every order is a real challenge for our team, because every project involves complex topics such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, chemistry, architecture or electronics.

Update March 2022: Relations between Russia and the rest of the world are no longer as they were a year and even a month ago. There is no talking about the deterioration, they are getting less and less every day. Our translation agency, the leading link between the West and Russia, is changing its work. We are now translating more and more German - Ukrainian - German. First for Ukrainian war refugees. Soon, we hope, together with our Ukrainian colleagues, also for the Ukrainian economy.