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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Foreign language typesetting

Not long ago, it was common practice to always hand over documents in Framemaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress or other formats that translators do not normally work with to an external service provider for further processing. With us, you save time and money, because we deliver print-ready translations from a single source, regardless of the format.

Desktop Publishing for European languages

Nowadays, modern CAT tools such as SDL Trados or Across allow us to translate documents in Framemaker, InDesign or other formats directly, so that after reconversion these documents look just like the original.

Nevertheless, we can also check each translated file for errors in the original format, so that you always receive print-ready files in your format. This applies to such programmes as QuarkXPress, Framemaker, InDesign, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Apple Keynote.

However, if we have a document where even our computer-advanced translators are overwhelmed with the post-processing, we use our own layouting specialists who are very familiar with foreign-language typesetting in all European languages. 

We deliver print-ready documents for all Eastern European and Western European languages in the most widely used modern programmes Adobe InDesign and Adobe Framemaker:

- Desktop Publishing English
- Desktop Publishing French
- Desktop Publishing Spanish
- Desktop Publishing Italian
- Desktop Publishing Portuguese
- Desktop Publishing Polish
- Desktop Publishing Czech
- Desktop Publishing Turkish
- Desktop Publishing Romanian
- Desktop publishing Hungarian
- Desktop publishing Latvian
- Desktop publishing Lithuanian
- Desktop publishing Dutch
- Desktop Publishing Ukrainian

and other European languages.

Translation of PDF documents

Even if you only have a scanned PDF document for translation, we can produce the translation as a 1:1 copy, including all images, tables, sketches, drawings and diagrams. As a rule, our translated document looks better than the original document. No special layouting skills are needed here.

We also offer other important services from our layouting department to handle your orders.

These could be:

- Preparation of your originals, including scanned PDF files for translation
- Correct segmentation of documents for translation with CAT systems, e.g. Trados or Across
- Post-processing of your translation, regardless of the Eastern European or Western European language.

We also undertake layouting jobs in many languages other than Russian, such as the preparation of documents for translation and subsequent post-editing. This includes all Western European languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian etc. as well as all Eastern European languages: Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian and others. 

Layout preparation in all languages

Our new but popular service means the following: we prepare documents of any type for translation. They can be in Word, in InDesign or in PDF. We design the documents so that they can be translated with Trados or with other CAT tools. In the process, unnecessary line breaks and manual hyphenation, if any, are deleted, paragraphs are put in order, tables are corrected. 

The effort is worthwhile in all cases

Clever minds at translation agencies know how important this work is for faster translation and subsequent reformatting. Documents prepared by us are immediately processed by the translator without him noticing that an original document was hardly suitable for this purpose. The effort is definitely worth it. The client saves a lot of time and money.

With services such as layoting, proofreading, post-editing and software localisation, we completely cover the needs of our clients who require more than just a translation, but all services related to foreign languages.