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Translations Russian-German

In our translation bureau, translations into German are performed by professional certified translators with native German, extensive work experience and long-term language practice in Russia.

We translate for your business 

We translate documents on any subject – from private and business correspondence to patents and scientific publications. Over the period of our work, absolutely all the translations, without any exceptions, were evaluated by our customers as perfect.

In special cases, when a particular translation has a clearly pronounced technical nature, we involve professional engineers, architects, doctors or other specialists, depending on the subject, for translation or editing.

No errors in our translatations

The translation of contracts from Russian into German is in strong demand, since errors in contracts caused by incorrect translation can have severe consequences. We translate sale, purchase and supply agreements, employment contracts, service and licensing agreements at the highest level of quality.

We have behind a portfolio of dozens of annually delivered projects involving translation into German of technical documents of any complexity and any subject, as well as presentations, medical literature, and contracts of various types.

Translator Russian - German

Recently, every second translation into German has been carried out by our Russian native speakers. Their language skills are good enough to translate internal documentation in this way. We offer this service for reasons of time and cost. But despite this, every translation except for very urgent ones is proofread by an editor whose native language is German.

However, for each project we discuss with the client which way they would like to go and explain all the specifics of this way of working.

Our most recent projects

Very complicated and responsible were translations of technical and geological documentation for the construction of the Olympic objects in Sochi. So far, these projects are among the largest in our history.

Since 2017, we have been translating technical documentation of a Russian manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment, which is still unknown to everyone. Unbelievable for everyone, including us, but true - Russia can sell not only raw materials, but complicated technical devices that delight their loyal fans in Europe.

Another major project has been underway since 2018: the construction of a wood processing plant in Belarus. Here, too, translations are being carried out in both language directions German - Russian - German, in this case with our interpreter assignments on site at the Belarus plant.

For many years we have been supporting trading companies from Germany that sell various plants to Russia. Here, offers, enquiries, other documents are translated in both directions almost daily.

Update March 2022. Relations between Russia and em rest of the world are no longer as they were a year and even a month ago. We can't talk about the deterioration, they are getting less and less every day. Our translation agency, the leading link between the West and Russia, is changing its work. We are now translating more and more German - Ukrainian - German. First for Ukrainian war refugees. Soon, we hope, together with our Ukrainian colleagues, also for the Ukrainian economy.