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Software Localizing Russian

Technical translations are always closely related to software localisation, which is why we have been dealing with software translation since our foundation. Our office in Moscow worked with the first PC pioneers in Russia who translated the first operating systems DOS and Windows into Russian, i.e. localised them properly.

Ruscom translates your software

Now our translation agency has experienced professionals who can make your industrial software and PC and Internet applications look right and professional in Russian. We are also happy to translate apps for iOS and Android. We try to convince software developers that a free translation from the full-text translator on the Internet significantly lowers the value of their programmes. A correctly translated interface, on the other hand, immediately catches the eye in a positive way.

Professional software localisation

We usually translate your software with our special CAT tools such as Passolo, SDL Trados and Across. The latter have many and decisive advantages over the traditional manual method of translation. Translations with CAT tools help to keep terminology consistent, because their databases contain the translation that already exists. Sometimes we get clients their proprietary programs that have been specially developed for software localisation.

Translation of iOS apps and Android apps into Russian

Our translation agency is able to translate the software for any field, and not only in the technical field. We localise your iOS apps and Android apps into Russian for all current topics and specialist areas such as games, health, fitness, nutrition, education, foreign languages, travel, housing, internet shops. For this purpose, our employees as well as numerous freelancers are at your disposal, who are familiar with all possible specialist areas of our lives.

Software testing

We thoroughly test translated software on both Russian and English versions of Windows (the most popular in Russia), as well as on mobile devices running Apple iOS and Android operating systems. We also have a lot of experience in translating related online help, in traditional formats as well as html-based.

Special features of Russian software localisation

Are there any special features of software localisation in Russian? Yes, there are. You have to take into account some linguistic and computer-specific subtleties. In the case of linguistic peculiarities, it is primarily a matter of observing the uniform terminology established, whether for PC applications or for software for mechanical engineering and plant construction. For computer-specific problems, it is mostly a matter of choosing the right coding for the software strings to be translated. In most cases, this is only possible if correct language and locale settings are made in the PC.

This may sound complicated, but not to us. From us you get the correctly translated software, adapted for your machine, in the always correct coding. We are always happy to advise you, even with general enquiries on this subject. Our technical translators, proofreaders and project managers have many years of experience behind them.

Our major projects of recent times

Among the largest projects of the current year we can mention such localisation projects as the translation of software into Russian for woodworking equipment, for energy equipment, burning equipment, storage systems, conveyor systems. Most of the translations are done from English, less from German, which is typical for software translations.