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Russian-English Translations

Translations from Russian into English by our translation include agency contracts (purchase contracts, supply contracts, service contracts, leases), patents, medical reports, presentations of Russian companies, websites, translation of other documentation.

Native speakers or not?

As with other language combinations, the same rules apply here: Translations are only carried out by native speakers, graduate translators, professionals with several years of experience. For internal use, a translation by our native Russian speakers with perfect English language skills is often sufficient. It is recommended to clarify this before the start of the translation.

However, if the translated text is to be printed (advertising leaflets, flyers, product brochures) or published online (press releases, websites), the translation will always be done by native English speakers. Even when translating patents, which is requested quite often, our office uses only native English speakers.

We decide individually

In each specific case, this is decided individually after consultation with the customer, because this is also a question of cost: Translations by native speakers cost more.

We are also pleased to translate manuals from Russian into English for some technical products, e.g. special measuring instruments or exclusive electrotechnical equipment not produced in the West.